Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There are some things that people do that make me perceive them as creeps.  One of the things I notice from time to time that automatically makes me think something Dexter-like is going on is blacked out windows on vans.  I don’t care who you are, you’ve killed someone in my book.  I also feel scared when people don’t have permanent window coverings (i.e. sheets, fabric or even foil covering windows in a home).  I will give you a pass if you’ve just moved in or maybe even if you are remodeling but come on people, get some blinds.  You don’t even have to get nice blinds, just regular old blinds will do – I’ll even accept vertical blinds if I have to.   

I also think people who pay cash for everything are creeps.  I’m not talking the occasional item, I’m talking everything!  Why don’t you have a bank account of some sort – you are leading me to believe you don’t pay taxes and are paid in pure cash and let’s face it, any job that always pays you cash is never good (hit man, drug dealer, I’m sure there are others). 

In conclusion, don’t be a creep.  This may sound harsh but just keep in mind that I’m not judgmental, I’m just observant.  J  

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