Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cry me an ocean

The other night, I had a breakdown of epic proportions that I will blame solely on pregnancy hormones.  I will admit that I am overall a very emotional person but I usually have some degree of rationality to go along with that.  Not the other night.  It was the day I cried because my dog hasn’t seen the ocean…

We are going on a beach trip in a few weeks and we planned to take our dog with us to avoid putting him in a kennel.  He is a rescue who was abused as a puppy and we have really come a long way with him – every time we put him in a kennel he is terrified (and it makes me feel bad) so he will be making the drive to Florida with us.  My husband casually mentioned that Chief, the dog, has never seen the ocean.  I instantly started tearing up.  What kind of life are you living if you haven’t seen the ocean?!  I pictured him running slow motion through the waves and having the time of his life and then I realized he doesn’t give a damn about the ocean!  He will go and he will undoubtedly have a great time but then he will forget about it all, never knowing the difference.  

 I cried for a good five minutes with my husband and Chief staring at me not knowing what was wrong.  How could I bring myself to tell them that this episode was because the dog hasn’t seen the ocean?!?!?!?!  I will admit I was in rare form and I hope I never go back to that deep, dark place because after all, Chief will see the ocean.